Sunday, October 6

Trial & Error

I'm still working on my zigzag quilt and I'll be sharing soon, I promise! I took some time off from the quilt to attempt a sailboat. Ignore the puckering and uneven seams... I was trying to modify the original pattern to add my own touch, but I got a little sidetracked with lining up poorly planned squares and forgot what I was doing. Next time I will be planning out my measurements a little better... 

So, clearly its not perfect, but I love the colors and the idea. I couldn't resist adding the pirate flag from some Halloween fabric I found. I think the next ship I make will be bigger, though. Once I figure out my modified design, I'll be making a crib sized quilt with waves and pirate ships! My wish list keeps growing. Here is my current quilting situation...

1. Aqua/Blue ZigZags
2. DWR

Forgotten Quilt Tops That Need Some Lovin':
1. The Butterflies
2. The 2nd Auburn Quilt

Quilty Wish List:
1. Big Hexies
2. Valentine Quilt
3. Pirate Baby Quilt
4. Red, White & Blue

...Looks like I have a lot of sewing to do... 

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