Thursday, October 17

Puppy Kisses

honestly meant to quilt, I really did. I also meant to post pictures about said quilting, but life decided to get a little more awesome instead.

First, we celebrated the marriage of my best friend and her husband. Yayy!! It was a great wedding. The ceremony was relatively short but sweet, which was perfect. It made me laugh, it almost made me cry, and my broken shoe held together until the reception. Success! Also, the bridesmaids carried lanterns with the lake and setting sun in the background. I can't wait to see how pretty the pictures are! Next, we celebrated a family wedding and got to see several wonderful relatives that we hadn't seen since our own wedding.

Last, but definitely not least, we adopted a new sister for Princess! This little baby was so sweet and playful that we just had to take her home from the shelter. Who could have abandoned this sweet little thing? I keep smiling at that little puppy tummy.

She's going to grow up to be one big girl! As far as quilting is concerned, I can share two things...

1) I found this fabric panel on clearance. Remember Princess' quiltThis panel is also by M'Liss and will be the back of Aly's quilt that I will make once she stops chewing on her blankets. That might take awhile. It will look better after some ironing. ;)

2) Here are a few unfinished hexagons for my Supersized Hexie baby quilt. They aren't sewn together yet, I'm trying to get the borders on all of them first. I love those green birds and the Tula Pink swirls though! I think it will be great after some quilting to tone down the green.

Now please excuse me while I go steal some puppy kisses. :)


  1. Awe...from the shelter to a family that will make quilts for you! You are one fortunate puppy! :)

  2. We're pretty fortunate to have found her! She has the personality we were hoping for, but weren't sure we would find :)