Monday, October 28

Draft Busters

It's getting colder outside, and unfortunately the trend is creeping inside as well! My windows let in some of the cold air, so I finally decided to pretty-up the situation. This is the old, boring, aesthetically unappealing version:

Even Princess is unimpressed.

Better solution? Draft Busters!
First, I measured my windows for the length of my fabric (about 40-41 inches). I cut the width at 10 inches, but it just depends on how wide you want them or how big your window sills are. Whatever width you cut them, plan for it to be smaller on the sill as 1/2 inch will be in the seams, and the filling will puff it out a bit.

Iron those babies out, fold them in half length-wise (see below) with the wrong sides facing out, and stitch around two sides (one of the ends, and the long edge). Leave the other end open for now.

Turn your tube of fabric inside out, or.. right side out I guess.. Then stuff with fiber fill. 
Hint: If you only pull half of the tube through like the picture below, it is much easier to stuff that fiber fill down into the end.

And voila! Much cuter. I picked neutral striped fabric so it would match the rug and pillow in my sewing area/Princess' lounge. 

The nice lady helping me at the fabric store suggested filling my draft busters with cat litter instead. Now, I've never worked with, or owned, cat litter so I have no idea how that would go. All I could imagine, though, was curious, destructive puppies tearing it apart and spreading it all over my apartment.... If you decide to try it, let me know how it works for you.

Princess can sleep peacefully now.

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