Tuesday, October 1

A Quilt for a Princess

The Princess Quilt is done! Princess is already enjoying it on her bed.

This was my first attempt at free-motion quilting, and it went ok... I kind of like how free it is, but I kind of dislike how easily the fabric slips away from me. I think I just needs some more practice. I ended up buying my free-motion foot on sale and used this video to make it fit better on my machine.

Here is a close up of the design.

After some test runs, I ran into several problems. I quilted a row, then realized the back was a hot mess. After ripping it all out, lamenting about wasting so much thread, buying some bigger needles, and adjusting the bobbin tension, I was finally able to finish this baby. 

And the back... Isn't that M'Liss fabric panel cute?! The puppy princess was perfect, and I don't even think that Princess will mind the cats in the castle windows. 

It's still nowhere near perfect, but its good enough for a first attempt! Besides, like I have said before, puppies are pretty forgiving. They just like to cuddle with their quilts!

I already hear some muffled barks from her puppy dreams. :)


  1. First quilt for a dog I've seen and I like it:) The dog not so bad either!! We miss our German Shepherd Bo had him 13 years.

    1. Thanks! She snuggles with it everyday. Aren't German Shepherds the best? Sorry to hear about Bo. We've had Princess for almost 8 years now