Wednesday, September 25

Slow Progress

I have done ZERO quilting in the past two weeks. I do have a couple projects in the works that I haven't shared, though. First, I am working on another Chevron quilt for a good friend. Remember Lacey's quilt? Same concept, but bigger. A lot of these strips in the pic are actually the backs of the fabrics. (Can't show too much in case she's reading!) There are lots of blues, aquas, whites, and a splash of dark coral. This is slowly working into the quilt I envisioned.

Next on my list of quilts to finish is the infamous Double Wedding Ring quilt. This is my first, and possibly only, DWR. Sooo many curves! I'm trying not to show too much until I finish it, so here is a little peek.

I also need to finish Princess' quilt. I started quilting it a couple weeks ago, but my machine and I had a huge fight. I wanted to free-motion quilt it, but the machine wanted to create a giant jumbled mess. I was so excited my design was working, until I realized something had gone horribly wrong on the back. My trusty seam-ripper got quite a workout. Here is the front in all its safety-pinned-glory.

All it needs now is some quilting, a binding, and some puppy loving. Here is my rough sketch of what the quilting design will be. It will be my first attempt at free-motion! Well... Second if you count the disaster...

Despite having 3 works in progress, I still can't stop my brain from plotting new quilts that must be made. Towards the top of my wish list is a Big Hexie Quilt with adorable prints in yellows, greens, neutrals, and a hint of leftover pinks. I also sketched out a Valentine Quilt that I'm just itching to try, but that can wait a few months. I suppose I should work on that vintage breadbox at some point too...
What's on your project wish list?

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  1. MMMM....Got to love aqua and corals! :)