Friday, September 27

Sketchy Math & Rice

Mama J sent me a link to this Wild Rice Risotto recipe and I decided to try it last night... Yum! My family keeps me well stocked with wild rice, and I usually default to making wild rice bread or a soup. Last night, I made this risotto and substituted green onion. I also used some precooked, frozen rice that I made probably a month ago, so I omitted most of the water and added some chicken bouillon. I cooked up a couple spicy sausages and sautéed a yellow squash to put on the side. Tonight, hubby even asked if we had any leftover rice and was disappointed we didn't. SUCCESS! If you have some wild rice in need of a recipe, give it a try!

Today, I spent some much needed time on the newest chevron quilt. I did some math before I started and counted up my squares... Here they are:

There are 16 different fabrics for the zigzags, and 14 rectangles per color. With 2 rectangles sewn together to make the squares, that gives me 7 squares per row. 7 x 16 = 112 squares on the windowsill!

After some TLC, there are now 15 diagonal strips.

I was thinking there were more aquas until I looked at it all laid out again, but I think it's still going to be really fun. Perhaps it will get some aqua backing... It will all come together eventually!

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