Wednesday, September 11

Puppy Bandannas

Ever wanted to make a bandanna for the puppy-friend in your life? Not really? Well, here is a simple guide that gives you a new bandanna in just 2-3 steps. This size fits Princess, who is approximately 50 pounds. I measured an old, store-bought bandanna first, then applied those measurements to my guide. You may need to adjust the size depending on your dog.

1. Cut a 20 inch square out of the fabric of your choice. 
2. Fold your square in half so it makes a triangle, or line it up on your cutting mat so that a 90 degree angle extends from one corner to the opposite corner. Cut on this angle/fold. This gives you two large triangles. You can stop here or finish the edges. 
3. To finish the edges, just fold or iron them under. Sew around the perimeter, and you're done!

You'll never have to buy one again!

It looks like there is too much fabric on top, but that excess usually just bunches up as she moves. It doesn't really matter. You need the extra on that side so that it can be tied comfortably. 

If you find a really cute puppy bandanna that you just have to buy, they often come as a square that you fold in half before placing on your pal. If you want to make it two, just follow these steps and cut what you have. Voila! Two new bandannas! 

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