Tuesday, September 17

Patriotic... Bread Boxes?

My hubby discovered this gem in an antique mall on an outing with my parents. Isn't it great? I see so much potential! I don't think we would have considered this vintage bread box if it didn't have the stars and eagle. 

Honestly, I was a bit shocked when he pointed it out. We have a small apartment, and my kitchen "necessities" are already bursting out of the cupboards despite my attempts at downsizing. 
The lighter wood in the bottom slot of the bread box is supposed to be a cutting board, but its pretty dry, cracked, and just plain nasty looking. Thankfully, Dad offered to create a new one that would fit perfectly...

Isn't this just gorgeous?? It's a mixture of oak, cherry, walnut, purple heart, and yellow heart. I wish the picture showed the colors better! I am still so impressed that he made this by hand. It's so pretty that I'm nervous to cut on it! My grandfather was an amazing wood carver, so being able to make chunks of wood into beautiful objects must be a male trait in the family. Hopefully I can just pull off a little restoration work on the bread box.

P.S. More quilty updates coming soon!

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