Wednesday, August 21

Why, Hello There...

Welcome to my world, friends and strangers! It's full of puppies, recipes, and piles of fabric just waiting for the next project. The inspiration for my next quilt, and melter of my heart, is this little gal. She's a Princess, in name and personality. She is also a lover of cuddles and cheese.

Enough with the introductions... Let's get quilting! This is a quilt I made this week using scraps, hence the piecing on the back. It is a present for Princess' friend Lacey. Yes, I made a quilt for a dog. No, I don't think that's weird.


Sometimes a girl just needs an excuse to make a quilt! I used this convenient chevron tutorialmine was just a smaller version. Its so simple and uses strips instead of triangles, which is exactly why I used it. Try it and share your creations! Everyone needs a chevron quilt, even a puppy. :)

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  1. I never tire of looking at that Auburn quilt. Very nice work! :)