Sunday, August 25


Ever have those unfinished quilts that just sit around and taunt you for what seems like forEVER?? That was this quilt for me. I started it in the winter of 2011. I managed to finished the top, but then I decided that hand quilting was the way to go...


Ultimately, I like the results and I am so proud of this quilt. Not only did I piece and quilt it in 80 degree weather without air conditioning, but I sewed it on a cheap, cheap, CHEAP plastic mini sewing machine. YUPP, you read that right. A plastic mini sewing machine. Why? Because I had moved states multiple times within a handful of years. I had at least one more big move to go, and I couldn't justify buying a nice machine when it might be destroyed in transit.


Each diamond is hand quilted inside its perimeter with thread matching its color, so you can see the pattern on the back as well. I finished the quilting sometime in 2012. I've thought about quilting more on the border, even after sewing on the binding this past spring, but hubby refused. He had waited too long for his Auburn Quilt!


So to recap... started in 2011... finished in 2013... Sometimes life just gets in the way!

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