Monday, August 26

Oops of the Week

My Oops of the Week? I actually cut through my cutting mat... I cringe every time I look at it. There's a first time for everything I guess.


I also started piecing together Princess' quilt! She licked all of the fabric, but so far she's unimpressed... This led me to my second Oops of the Week: sewing a right side to a wrong side...


Here is a little peek at the fabric. The front will be pink and black, and the back will just be sickeningly cute. I recently admitted to myself that plain backs can get so boring! From now on I'm going to try to use a fun fabric or add a little something to each back.


One of the nice things about making quilts for dogs is that they are pretty forgiving. There is no pressure to make your points perfect, close enough is good enough! If Princess can lay on it, or cuddle with someone under it, she'll love it.

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