Wednesday, August 28

Fabric Love

I have a fairly sizable fabric stash. Nothing ridiculously huge, but large enough that sometimes I feel I should chide myself a little. I have some fabrics that I like, and some that I'm not so sure of. Within the stacks, there are a few hiding here and there that I love. They make me smile. They make me happy every time I see them. I dream about all of the wonderful things I could do with them, but I hesitate to actually cut them. Know what I mean? Here are a few of my lovelies...

Blue cheetah print, branches with a touch of blue, and blueberries!

A memento from Tokyo (I have big plans for this fish):

Large prints begging to be quilt backs:
(How surprising and wonderful would they be?!)

I love them! What do you do with your favorites? Stare at them then tuck them away for safekeeping? Use them immediately? Plot?

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