Friday, August 30

Get Well Soup

I haven't done much sewing over the past few days, but I did manage to get a little quilting done on these chicks and their umbrellas. I wanted to machine quilt the spirals, but finally resorted to doing it by hand. Besides, its nice having something to keep my hands busy while watching tv.

I also made "Brenna's Get Well Soup" tonight. Hubby has been sick, so I pulled out this old recipe. I'm going to have to find more soup recipes now that he's teaching kids. So many runny noses... :(

Mama J and I concocted this recipe 10+ years ago when I was sick, and I still enjoy it. Mushrooms, garlic, and green onion? Yes, please!

If you like it, let me know! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 28

Fabric Love

I have a fairly sizable fabric stash. Nothing ridiculously huge, but large enough that sometimes I feel I should chide myself a little. I have some fabrics that I like, and some that I'm not so sure of. Within the stacks, there are a few hiding here and there that I love. They make me smile. They make me happy every time I see them. I dream about all of the wonderful things I could do with them, but I hesitate to actually cut them. Know what I mean? Here are a few of my lovelies...

Blue cheetah print, branches with a touch of blue, and blueberries!

A memento from Tokyo (I have big plans for this fish):

Large prints begging to be quilt backs:
(How surprising and wonderful would they be?!)

I love them! What do you do with your favorites? Stare at them then tuck them away for safekeeping? Use them immediately? Plot?

Monday, August 26

Oops of the Week

My Oops of the Week? I actually cut through my cutting mat... I cringe every time I look at it. There's a first time for everything I guess.


I also started piecing together Princess' quilt! She licked all of the fabric, but so far she's unimpressed... This led me to my second Oops of the Week: sewing a right side to a wrong side...


Here is a little peek at the fabric. The front will be pink and black, and the back will just be sickeningly cute. I recently admitted to myself that plain backs can get so boring! From now on I'm going to try to use a fun fabric or add a little something to each back.


One of the nice things about making quilts for dogs is that they are pretty forgiving. There is no pressure to make your points perfect, close enough is good enough! If Princess can lay on it, or cuddle with someone under it, she'll love it.

Sunday, August 25


Ever have those unfinished quilts that just sit around and taunt you for what seems like forEVER?? That was this quilt for me. I started it in the winter of 2011. I managed to finished the top, but then I decided that hand quilting was the way to go...


Ultimately, I like the results and I am so proud of this quilt. Not only did I piece and quilt it in 80 degree weather without air conditioning, but I sewed it on a cheap, cheap, CHEAP plastic mini sewing machine. YUPP, you read that right. A plastic mini sewing machine. Why? Because I had moved states multiple times within a handful of years. I had at least one more big move to go, and I couldn't justify buying a nice machine when it might be destroyed in transit.


Each diamond is hand quilted inside its perimeter with thread matching its color, so you can see the pattern on the back as well. I finished the quilting sometime in 2012. I've thought about quilting more on the border, even after sewing on the binding this past spring, but hubby refused. He had waited too long for his Auburn Quilt!


So to recap... started in 2011... finished in 2013... Sometimes life just gets in the way!

Saturday, August 24

Stars and Zebra Stripes

I just got my new pillowcases in the mail from ZZZebraMoon... Eeeek! They're so cute! (Yeah, I actually just eeked...)

I've been wanting to make a red, white, and blue quilt for some time now. When I saw these, I kept stealing glances at them for days.

The navy polka dots and black and white stripes just set it off! I'll be on the lookout for polka dots of my own now... Its hard to see in the pictures, but there are white stars on the white fabric. The big white stars in the middle of the blue make me think of starfish for some reason, which makes me happy.

I'm so excited! Now I can't decide if I'm going to be greedy or share them with guests.

Friday, August 23

Carbs Schmarbs

It's that time again! Every week or two I end up baking fresh homemade bread. Without fail, Princess sneaks into the kitchen with the biggest eyes she can muster as soon as she smells the dough.

May I please have the butter wrapper?
I usually only use one of four recipes in my collection. This is my version of a recipe that didn't quite suit my needs. I hope you like it!

I love the smell of fresh baked bread!
Notice that fabric? I had to include it! :) It was part of a wedding gift and it comes out to play each fall. I love the border, it looks like someone painted leaves and pressed them all over it.

Thursday, August 22

Viking Baby

This project became a gift for a sweet newborn who has a Vikings fan for a daddy. It isn't terribly large, but every new baby needs lots of blankets!

Baby quilts are so gratifying. The tops come together so much faster, and they aren't nearly as intimidating to quilt. I started with strips of each fabric, sewed them together, cut strips from that to get the rows of squares, then sewed those together. Quilters are crazy.

My absolute favorite part are the little purple bunnies. Aren't they a cute little surprise?

Wednesday, August 21

Why, Hello There...

Welcome to my world, friends and strangers! It's full of puppies, recipes, and piles of fabric just waiting for the next project. The inspiration for my next quilt, and melter of my heart, is this little gal. She's a Princess, in name and personality. She is also a lover of cuddles and cheese.

Enough with the introductions... Let's get quilting! This is a quilt I made this week using scraps, hence the piecing on the back. It is a present for Princess' friend Lacey. Yes, I made a quilt for a dog. No, I don't think that's weird.


Sometimes a girl just needs an excuse to make a quilt! I used this convenient chevron tutorialmine was just a smaller version. Its so simple and uses strips instead of triangles, which is exactly why I used it. Try it and share your creations! Everyone needs a chevron quilt, even a puppy. :)